Year: 2020

ISNP Khutbah – Last Friday of Ramadan
Blood pressure should be monitored closely in individuals with high blood pressure; discontinue ethinyl estradiol; levonorgestrel if blood pressure rises significantly. Walking distance was somewhat greater with 250 mg twice [...]
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ISNP Khutbah Ramadan 4
In a clinical study, researchers found no clinically meaningful differences between bevacizumab-bvzr and its reference product in patients with advanced nonsquamous NSCLC. A clinically challenging population of migraineurs includes those [...]
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ISNP Ramadan Reflections 4
The chemical name of phenylephrine hydrochloride is (-)- m-hydroxy-α-[(methylamino) methyl] benzyl alcohol hydrochloride, its molecular formula is C 9H 13NO 2· HCl (Molecular Weight: 203. Generic name: nitrofurantoin (NYE troe [...]
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ISNP Khutbah Ramadan Week 3
The tablets that contain a small sensor come with a patch (a wearable sensor) that detects a signal from the tablet and a smartphone application (app) to display information about [...]
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